November 13, 2009

Professor E.G. Browne’s view of the Advent of the Bab

 "I am very anxious to get as accurate an account of all the details connected with the [faith of the Bab] as possible, for in my eyes the whole [story] seems one of the most interesting and important events that has occurred since the rise of Christianity -- and I feel it my duty, as well as my pleasure, to try as far as in me lies to bring the matter to the notice of my countrymen -- for suppose anyone could tell us more about the childhood and early life and appearance of Christ, for instance, how glad we should be to know it. Now it is impossible to find out much -- but in the case of the Báb it is possible -- So let us earn the thanks of posterity, and provide against that day now." (E.G. Browne of Cambridge University, quoted in The Chosen Highway)