December 1, 2010

A lesson on the seeing of a halo about the Master

The Master said there were four kinds of light: the light from the lamp was one; but because the face of a man does not give out light as the lamp does, is man less than the lamp or greater? Some worms give off a light -- is man or the worm greater? Man does not give out such a light, but man has the kingdom of the mind and it is the light of this kingdom which some see when they love a person very much, and they mistake it for a material light when it is not. This comes from the emotional nature and is an imagination. Then there is the Light of the Holy Spirit possessed by God's Chosen Ones. The minds of men cannot comprehend this Light -- thus they martyr those who come with this Light. But time proves that their Light was the true Light and that the light of the minds of the men of their time was limited. They comprehend the past, present and future and see things as they will be when accomplished. St. John, on the Isle of Patmos, seeing into the future, foretold what would come to pass in this present Day. There is no time to this Light -- it knows all things. (‘Abdu’l-Baha’s explanation as recorded by Corine True during her pilgrimage in 1907; ‘Notes Taken at Acca’, booklet published by Baha’i Publishing Society, Chicago 1907)