September 6, 2011

Under what conditions a Baha’i teacher will become inspired with “knowledge and wisdom” so “his words will have effect”

If one teaches one whom he loves because of his love for him, then he will not teach one whom he loves not; and that is not of God. If one teaches in order to derive the promised benefit to himself, this too is not from God. If he teaches because of God's Will that God may be known -- and for that reason only -- he will receive knowledge and wisdom, and his words will have effect -- being made powerful by the Holy Spirit -- and will take root in the souls of those who are in the right condition to receive them. In such a case the benefit to the teacher in growth is as ninety percent compared to the ten percent of gain to the hearer, because he becomes like a tree bearing fruit through the power of God. ('Abdu'l-Baha, cited in Star of the West, vol III, no. 19, 2March 1913)