March 10, 2015

“Bahá’í scholarly activity… can be a powerful reinforcement” to “worldwide effort to advance the process of entry by troops” and “a valuable source of new enquirers”

The House of Justice is fully committed to fostering the development of Bahá’í scholarly activity in all parts of the Bahá’í world. Through their scholarly endeavours believers are able to enrich the intellectual life of the Bahá’í community, to explore new insights into the Bahá’í teachings and their relevance to the needs of society, and to attract the investigation of the Faith by thoughtful people from all backgrounds. Far from being a diversion from the worldwide effort to advance the process of entry by troops, Bahá’í scholarship can be a powerful reinforcement to that endeavour and a valuable source of new enquirers. 
(From a letter dated 24 April, 2008, written by the Department of the Secretariat of the Universal House of Justice)