September 23, 2015

How to create a “culture” in which “teaching is the dominating passion of the lives of the believers”

When training and encouragement are effective, a culture of growth is nourished in which the believers see their duty to teach as a natural consequence of having accepted Baha'u'llah. They "raise high the sacred torch of faith," as was 'Abdu'l-Baha's wish, "labour ceaselessly, by day and by night," and "consecrate every fleeting moment of their lives to the diffusion of the divine fragrance and the exaltation of God's holy Word." So enkindled do their hearts become with the fire of the love of God that whoever approaches them feels its warmth. They strive to be channels of the spirit, pure of heart, selfless and humble, possessing certitude and the courage that stems from reliance on God. In such a culture, teaching is the dominating passion of the lives of the believers. Fear of failure finds no place. Mutual support, commitment to learning, and appreciation of diversity of action are the prevailing norms. 
- The Universal House of Justice  (From a message dated January 9, 2001, addressed to the Continental Boards of Counsellors)