January 28, 2016

December 29, 2015: Eight broad areas of responsibility for Local Spiritual Assemblies with respect to growth…

“For its part, and in response to growing numbers attending activities, the Local Assembly is
  • enhancing its capacity to discharge the many responsibilities it carries on behalf of an expanding community.  
  • It seeks to create an environment in which all feel encouraged to contribute to the community’s common enterprise.  
  • It is eager to see the cluster agencies succeed in their plans, and
  • its intimate familiarity with the conditions in its area enables it to foster the development of interacting processes at the local level. With this in mind,
  • it urges the wholehearted participation of the friends in
    • campaigns and
    • meetings for reflection, and
  • it provides material resources and other assistance for
    • initiatives and
    • events being organized in the locality.  
  • The Assembly is also attentive to the need for new believers
    • to be nurtured sensitively,
    • considering when and how various dimensions of community life are to be introduced to them.  
    • By encouraging their involvement in institute courses,
    • it aims to ensure that from the very beginning they regard themselves as protagonists in a noble endeavour to build the world anew.  
  • It sees to it that gatherings
    • for the Nineteen Day Feast, Holy Day commemorations, and Bahá’í elections become opportunities
      • to reinforce the high ideals of the community,
      • strengthen its shared sense of commitment, and
      • fortify its spiritual character.  
    • As numbers in the community grow larger, the Assembly gives thought to when it could be beneficial to decentralize such meetings so as to facilitate ever-greater participation on these important occasions."
 - The Universal House of Justice (From a message dated 29 December 2015 addressed to the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors)