February 5, 2016

The Pilgrim Path

This beautiful and majestic path, which extends from the Shrine of the Bab to the city of Haifa, in line with the greatest avenue of that blessed city, which is adorned with trees and verdant plants and illumined with bright lights, which is the object of the admiration of the people of this region and a source of joy and pride to the authorities in this land, will subsequently be converted, as foreshadowed by the Centre of the Covenant, into the Highway of the Kings and Rulers of the World.

These mighty embodiments of kingly power, humble pilgrims to the Sanctuary of the Lord, will upon their arrival in the Holy Land, first proceed to the Plain of ‘Akka, there to visit and circumambulate the Qiblih of the people of Baha, the Point around which circle in adoration the Concourse on High. They will then make their way to this august and venerated city, and climb the slopes of Mount Carmel. With the utmost rapture, ardor and devotion, they will hasten toward this Sacred Spot and, with reverence and submissiveness, humility and lowliness, ascend these terraces to approach the luminous precincts of the sanctified and holy Shrine. Reaching the threshold of the Sanctuary of Grandeur, they will cast their crowns upon the ground, prostrate themselves to kiss its fragrant earth and, circling around its hallowed arcade, call out ‘Here am I, here am I, O Thou Who art the Exalted, the Most Exalted One!’, and recite in tones of fervent supplication the perspicuous Verses of the Tablet of Carmel.

Thereafter they will walk over the spacious lawns and through the wondrous gardens of this sublime and holy spot, this garden of the Exalted Paradise, will inhale its fragrant scents and taste of its choice and luscious fruits. They will, with tearful eyes and burning hearts, call to mind the pain and suffering, each affliction and calamity, the duress, imprisonment and martyrdom which befell that Wronged One of the world, will behold, with their own eyes, on every hand in this exalted Spot, the glory of Carmel and the evidences of the compelling might and greatness, the invincibility, the all-encompassing dominion of the Conqueror of the worlds, and will praise and glorify the Lord of Carmel. 
- Shoghi Effendi  (From a letter dated Naw-Ruz 108 B.E. to the friends in the East, authorized translation from the Persian; Baha’i News, October 1990)