August 29, 2016

The Báb bestowed “the essence of power” to Mulla Husayn

Sending Mulla Husayn on his first assignment since he became a Bábí the Báb said: “Grieve not that you have not been chosen to accompany Me on My pilgrimage to Hijaz. I shall instead direct your steps to that city [Tihran] which enshrines a Mystery of such transcendent holiness as neither Hijaz [a region in Saudi Arabia containing the holy cities of Mecca and medina] nor Shiraz can hope to rival…Visit, on your way, Isfahan, Kashan, Tihran and Khurasan… The hosts of the invisible Kingdom, be assured, will sustain and reinforce your efforts. The essence of power is now dwelling in you, and the company of His chosen angels revolves around you. His almighty arms will surround you, and His unfailing Spirit will ever continue to guide your steps…” (‘The Dawn-Breakers’) 
(Adapted from ‘Robe of Light, vol. 1’, by David Ruhe)