October 4, 2016

A touching response from the Guardian to a contribution by a youth

Haifa, Israel
August 1, 1954
Baha'i Youth of Springfield, N. J.

Dear Baha'i Youth:

The beloved Guardian was very touched by your kind contribution to the International Fund.

Your gift is a testimonial to the strength of the Baha'i Faith; that everyone, young and old alike, are joining in the great work of the Ten Year Crusade. The beloved Guardian prays that you will grow into strong and vigorous adults; and that each and everyone of you may be guided and confirmed in your work for the Faith. He hopes you may be able to teach many of your playmates, and, as you grow older, your associates.

The Guardian assures you of his prayers in your behalf. He sends you his loving greetings.

Faithfully yours,

(signed) Leroy Ioas

Assistant Secretary
(Child’s Way Magazine, January 1955)