December 5, 2009

Did The Bab and Baha’u’llah Physically Meet?

En route to Tihran, the Bab spent three nights in the city of Kashan, located between Isfahan and Tihran, in the home of a believer who had realized in a dream that the Bab would be his guest. The Bab and His escort then arrived at the fortress of Kinar-Gird located about 45 kilometers from Tihran. There, the head of the escort received a message from the Persian prime minister telling him to transfer the Bab to the village of Kulayn and to wait there for further instructions. This village was owned by the prime minister and was located about 30 some kilometers south of Tihran. The Bab stayed in Kulayn for 20 days. During His stay there, the Bab received a letter and gifts from Baha’u’llah Who was in Tihran. The letter apparently cheered His heart, which had been despondent since His arrest and departure from Shiraz. One night the Bab disappears and is found the next morning on the road coming from the direction of Tihran. A look of confidence had settled on Him and His words had a new power.
(Adapted and obtained from A Basic Baha’i Chronology, Dawn-Breakers, God Passes By, A Traveller’s Narrative, and The Bab by Balyuzi)